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Cadamier Network Security Corporation, Denver Colorado


Cadamier provides maximum Internet security for valuable customer information with the least amount of internal IT resources as possible. As one of Cadamier’s clients said, "Cadamier has put the Internet firmly and securely in our hands without the need to involve our already overburdened staff." These guidelines below also provide some insight into Cadamier’s expert strategy regarding your network security.

Know Your Risk

Always know your risk. You should know what information and systems are most valuable to your organization. Access should be controlled to minimize your risk of losing valuable information. All access rights and privileges should be related to a business purpose.

Layer Your Defenses

Design your network to layer your defenses. Multiple layers of security and the use of compartmentalization are better than single points of defense. Implement your security as close to your assets as possible.

Information is the Key

Respect that information is the key. Everything collects logs. You should master the collection and interpretation of the logs, so you can detect misuse and anomalous activities on both a real time and periodic basis.

Coordinated Responses

Plan out your coordinated responses. Knowing how to respond to an attack can make the difference between a small hic-up and a disaster. Detail actions that are required when a break-in is detected. Make sure that the responsible parties are informed of their duties.

Policy Audits

Schedule policy audits. Periodic reviews of security policies, standards, and procedures are a must to ensure the safety of your information.

Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for disaster recovery. If you have the right tools in place, you can recover all items of value quickly. Once you determine the critical systems, you need to know how to respond to failures and loss of data.

Employee Security Awareness

Train your employees on security awareness. Your employees represent a vital line of defense when they have been properly taught your policies and practices. Integrate them into your security policies for added protection.

Minimum Required Services

Focus on the minimum services required. Systems should contain only those applications and services that serve the business needs.

Systems Diligence

Diligently maintain and update systems. Systems should be actively maintained and patched as updates are available. The older a system is used without patching, the more vulnerable it becomes.